Easy setup

Subscriptio is built with the idea to get control of e-mail signatures in your organization as quick and easy as possible.

To get you started as fast as possible we created the setup as a walkthrough wizard. If you follow the wizard it will take about 10 minutes to get Subscriptio up and running!

There are 5 basic steps to follow to get Subscriptio up and running for the first user. For these 5 steps you need to have access to our portal. No account yet? Sign up here:

1. Login to the Portal
Go to and login with your credentials.
2. Accept the agreement
In the portal accept the agreement.

3. Install the Subscriptio Connector
Download and install the Subscriptio Connector. Click on ‘Install Connector’ button in the portal.
After installation the Connector will be shown as an icon in the taskbar.

4. Login to the Subscriptio Connector
To get the default signature in your e-mail client you need to log into the Connector. This is done by right clicking the taskbar icon.
A pop up appears were you can login with your Subscriptio manager credentials.

5. Restart your mail client
Restart your mail client and the signature will automatically be loaded in the new e-mail.
You're ready to use Subscriptio. Follow the instructions in the portal in order to create and distribute e-mail signatures in your organization.

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