The benefits of a professional e-mail signature solution

Do your employees use many different styles of e-mail signatures?

This may look less professional, especially with frequent customer-contact. Corporate communications and marketing departments often search for ways of unifying all corporate email signatures. Until recently, unifying email signatures used to be possible but labour-intensive. A corporate signature had to be designed and distributed to every single employee. Then, every employee had to paste the design into his email settings. A very costly process when you realize the amount of hours that had to be spent. Additionally, there was no way to ensure that every signature was updated and kept correct after a period of time.

Centrally manage email signatures 

With Subscriptio you can manage all email signatures in your organization, easily from one place. Professionally and completely in the style of your organization. No more hassle to distribute the signature to every single employee.  No more concerns about employees changing their signature into a non-corporate design. You just log in to our portal and design one corporate signature. Your ICT department can easily install our connector, a program that distributes the email signature, on all computers. With the connector installed, you can distribute your corporate email signature to every single employee.

Secure your corporate branding

With one, centrally managed email signature you can secure your corporate appearance and branding. Every single email sent by employees within your company will have the same format and logo. Professional and uniform.

Emails signatures for everyone in your companyUse company e-mails as a marketing instrument

Are you looking for extra ways to reach out to your customers and relations? Your employees are the key. At some point, almost every customer or relation will contact one of your employees. With email being one of the most frequently used forms of communication, mails from your employees can be a powerful marketing tool. Subscriptio allows you to transform every corporate email into such a marketing tool.  Promote a new product or wish your customers a merry Christmas in every email sent by every employee. Simply create a campaign and your message will appear under every email you desire.  

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