Support for Microsoft Active Directory

For organizations with a Microsoft Active Directory network Subscriptio can be fully automated. This means less work for the network administrator and Subscriptio manager.

Email signature for Microsoft Active DirectoryIntergrate with Active Directory

Microsoft Active Directory in your organization can be used to automaticlly create the users and groups and personlize the email signature. Our Connector is a requirement for AD intergration. This is because the user needs to authenticate and receive the email signature from our cloud. 
Once the Active Directory feature in the portal is configured all AD users in your organization who login on a computer (AD member) with the Connector installed are added in Subscriptio and receive automatically their email signature.

AD Global Group support

When the Active Directory feature is configured you can name the groups that you create in Subscriptio the same as the groups in your on premise Active Directory. The users in the corresponding Active Directory group will receive the signature(s) assigned to the Subscriptio group. With the Connector installed on every computer in your network you manage the users who need an email signature from your own network instead of the cloud.

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