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What is Subscriptio?

Subscriptio is a cloud based solution to manage email signatures in your organization for all users
In the Subscriptio portal you create an email signature, users and groups and Subscriptio distributes them personalized to your users. If you want you can manage the font type, size and color used in the emails.
One of the features is the campaign option. With this feature you can create different email signatures for a specific time window to announce a product or event.

What is the pricing of Subscriptio?

We use a flexible licening system for Subscriptio. The biggeste advantages of our licening model are that you only pay for active users and the price depends on the amount of users in your organization using Subscriptio.

To archieve this we use a license model with credits. Credits are bought upfront and the users are counted at the end of the month. The amount of users in the last month we subtract from your credit pool.
The price of a credit depends on the amoutn of credits purchased at once. The more credits purchased, the less a credit costs.

Can I create more than one signatures?

Yes, if you want have groups of users that need different signatures you just create 2 signatures and 2 groups. Assign the users and signatures to the groups.
If your organization has a Microsoft Active Directory network the use of groups can be automated.

Can I manage my signatures from anywhere in world?

As long you've got a computer with an internet connection it's possible. Login to the Subscriptio Portal and manage your signatures, users, groups and more. That's the advantages of a cloud solution!

Is it possible to become a partner of Subscriptio?

Yes, that's possible. We understand that you know your customers best. If you think Subscriptio is the solution for one of your customers please contact us by
For partners we've got a support module so a partner can support their own customers.

Is Mac supported?

The users and email signatures are managed in the Subscriptio portal. Office 365 signatures are directly placed in webmail. For Outlook there's our Connector to pull the signature from the cloud and place it in the Outlook email.
For Mac we don't have a Connector.... but to provide Mac (and mobile) users with a signature we've created our 'WebConnector'.

With the WebConnector enabled users will receive a notification email when their email signature is edited. In this email is a link to their personalized email signature. Their they can copy and pasted the email signature in their favorite Mac email program.

What happens when a user is not using Subscriptio for a month?

The user doesn't get a signature but for the rest, nothing happens...
You've got a creditpool and the credits are only subtracted when an user really gets a signature from Subscriptio.
We only count the users who really use Subscriptio, this way you only pay for what you really use.

Is there a non-profit discount?

For use of Subscriptio in a non-profit organization or schools there is a discount on the credit price. Please sent a email to for instructions on the discount.

Which email clients are supported?

Subscriptio supports the most commonly used email clients:
Outlook 2013, Outlook 2010, Outlook 2007, Outlook 2003, Outlook Express, Windows Live mail

Which webmail clients are supported?

Subscriptio supports the most commonly used email clients:
Office 365, Exchange OWA 2013, Exchange OWA 2010, Exchange OWA 2007, Exchange OWA 2003, Google Mail (for Business)


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