Office 365

User and group synchronization

Already using Office 365 or planning a migration and looking for a tool to manage all email signatures? With Subscriptio you can manage email signatures for all users and groups in Office 365 in 10 minutes!

Centrally manage email signatures in Office 365

Don't want to use the Office 365 transport rules to 'manage' the email signatures for your organizations Office 365 enviroment? Subscriptio makes email signature management for Office 365 simple and easy. It doesn't matter how many users, you configure it once and you're setup for all users and groups.

How does it work?

Because of the cloud based architecture of Subscriptio we're able to create the most easy way to manage email signatures for all users in Office 365. The underlying structure of Office 365 is Microsoft Azure. Somewhere in that structure there is the Microsoft Windows Azure Active Directory. That's the place where all the Office 365 users and groups are located.
In the Subscriptio portal we've created a little piece of software that can interact with the Azure Active Directory. This creates the possibility that, once configured probably, all users and groups are synchronized from Office 365 to Subscriptio. This way all users are created in Subscriptio with 10 minutes configuration. The email signatures are then placed the same way as for Exchange webmail.

Personlized signatures

Once setup all users can receive a personalized email signature in their Office 365 webmail. The personalization information comes from the Windows Azure Active Directory. This happens in the same way as for an on premise Active Directory. In the email signature template you create for your organization you use 'tags'. When an email signature is applied to an user these tags are replaced with the correct user information. In every signature multiple tags can be used to create a personal signature.


Uniform e-mail signatures  Subscriptio provides the fastest and most easiest way to manage email signatures in Office 365
Uniform e-mail signatures  Disable Office 365 users that don't need a signature
Uniform e-mail signatures  Configured in 10 minutes
Uniform e-mail signatures  Users and groups automatically synchronized
Uniform e-mail signatures  Always supproted:
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