License model

Expensive? Compare it to your mobile phone bill...

A unique email signature requires a unique license model. As Subscriptio is a cloud based solution it has a cloud based payement system.

Subscriptio is using a credit system for its payements. Why a credit system? Well, there're 3 main reasons for this license model:

Scale users up or down. It's up to you and not up to some sort of license model or license key.

Paying for use only
The amount of users is counted at the end of the month. And that are only the users who have gotten a signature...

The larger the amount of credits purchased at once, the cheaper the credit prise gets.

What are the costs?

The use of Subscriptio costs 1 credit for a user a month. The price of a credit depends on the amount of credits purchased at once. Once logged in there is an easy to use calculator to see what centrally manage email signatures with all the extra's will costs for your organization.

How does it work?
Select the amount of credits and make the transaction. The amount of purchased credits will be added to your creditpool and at the end of the month we count the Subscriptio users in your organization and substract that amount from the creditpool.

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