• Manage your e-mail signature!

    For Outlook, Exchange, Office 365, Windows live mail and Google mail for Bussiness.
  •  Central software management solution for email signature disclaimer.
    Perfect for Office 365

    Synchronize all Office 365 users

    Use your Office 365 groups

    Only apply signatures to specified users

    Configured in minutes

    New users are automatically added

  • Campaigns, Active Directory, Outlook, Dynamic content and more!
    Complete emailsignature solution

    Easy setup

    Active Directory


    Group signatures

    Outlook and webmail

    Office 365 support

    Dynamic content

    Email font control

  • What is Subscriptio?

    A full featured solution to manage email signatures in your organization

    With Subscriptio you're in control of which user or group uses which signature and when they use it.
    All this is done through a smart cloud based email signature management solution: Subscriptio. For locally installed email clients the solution goes with a small application called the Subscriptio Connector. 
    Our email signature solution contains support for Microsoft Active Directory, Outlook, Microsoft Exchange including webmail, Google Mail, Office 365, campaigns, and much more... 

    It's easy to setup up. If you want to try, just create an account and you're up and running in 10 minutes. And that's the best way to get to know Subscriptio.

Central management of email signatures

With Subscriptio you can manage all emailsignatures in your business, easily from one place. Professionally and completely in the style of your organization. This way you secure your corporate appearance. No more emails without signature or signatures that mismatch your branding. Read more about e-mail signature.

Use company emails as a marketing tool

With Subscriptio you can transform every e-mail into a marketing tool. Promote a new product or wish your customers a merry Christmas in every email sent by every user from Outlook, Exchange webmail, Office 365 or mobile devices. Simply create a campaign and your message will appear in the email signature in every email.

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