Use every email in your organization as a marketing tool. Emails can be used to announce a new service, product or event.

email marketing campaignsThe power of email signature

How many emails are sent by your organization every day? Imagine that every email has an announcement for a new product, a subscription deadline or a banner for the new show.
With Subscriptio this can be easily done. For a temporary signature we've our campaign feature. With this feature you're in control in what email signature is used in which time frame.

How does it work?

First you build your campaign signature. This is done the same way all signatures are created. Once completed create the group with the users who are going to use the signature. If the campaign is needed by users in your organization who already exists in a group you can select that group. Then you create the campaign, select the group and signature and set the start and end date for the signature.
The first day of the campaign every user in the campaigngroup will get the campaign signature.
Subscriptio is an all in cloud based software solution, you don't pay extra for campaigns and don't need a seperate campaign module. You can create as many campaigns you want.

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