Central management

Create and manage e-mail signatures from the cloud

Central manage all your email signaturesSubscriptio is a solution for email signature management in your organization.
The first created user for your organization is the 'Subscriptio manager' and has the possibility to create email signatures, manage users and groups, create campaigns, control email fonts and create dynamic content. With all these features the Subscriptio manager can control which email signature is assigned to who and how this email signature looks.
All this can be done centrally  from the Subscriptio cloud. Of course there can be more than one Subscriptio manager. This way you can delegate the management of the signatures to more people in your organization.

Subscriptio is client based which means every user has its own personalized email signature in the cloud. For email clients like Microsoft Outlook our Subscriptio Connector is needed to pull the signature out the cloud and place it in the users email. Our Connector is also centrally managed from the cloud. For Microsoft Office 365 the Connector is not needed.

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