A full-featured email signature solution

Central management

All e-mail signatures in your organization managed from one single point. Add users, manage groups, edit signatures and much more. All these task are performed in the cloud by designated users. You're in control of how your organization email signatures look and who's uses which e-mail signature. 


Due the cloud based architecture of Subscriptio it's very flexible and scalable. It fits organizations from 5 to 5000 users and more... All for Outlook, Exchange, Office 365 and more!

Easy setup

Follow 3 simple steps to get your organization provided with e-mail signatures:

1. Create an account and login
2. Follow the wizard
3. Use email signatures in your organization

Active Directory

Lots of users in your organization? Users can authenticate by an exsisting Microsoft Active Diretory enviroment. Easy to setup, it's that simple.


Want to use temporary e-mail signatures for a special event, marketing purposes or announcement? Create these once a year and Subscriptio takes care that alle users get the email signature at the given dates.

Subscriptio Connector

To get the e-mail signature under every e-mail in your organization the Subscriptio Connector is needed on every PC where email is used. Distributing the Connector can be done in several ways. Choose the way that fits best for you, like GPO (Group Policy) or e-mail.

E-mail support

Subscriptio is designed with an easy configuration environment. This way we're quite certain you don't need al lot of help. In case you do need support please send your questions to

License model

Subscriptio provides e-mail signatures as a service. This means that you don't buy the software, you use it as a service just like a mobile phone. The biggest advantages: you pay for what you use and all functions are provide in a single license. No additional modules needed.

Dynamic signatures

You want your signatures truly to be dynamic? Try out our widget feature. With widgets you can show Custom HTML, RSS feeds, Facebook feed or a HTML page in your signature. This way you can use all send emails as a powerfull marketing tool.

Font control

Creating and managing e-mail signatures for your organization was already easy with Subscriptio but now you can also control the default compose font in the emails. Select the fonttype, color and size and this will be set for every users.


Out of the office checking work e-mails by webmail? No problem, Subscriptio support the most webmail solutions, including Office 365.

Cloud based

All the advantages we provide with Subscriptio wouldn't be possible in a normal architecture. Use of e-mail signature from a cloud software solution gives you flexibility, scalability, easy management and the best most transparant license model to day for email signatures.


Create user groups for different e-mail signatures. Provide you're sales department with a different email signature than the technical department.

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